Amazing experience

"An absolutely amazing experience! You leave the film with a fullness! It motivates you to make changes. It reminds you of the importance of family and the fact that every moment is precious."

Freddy GoHarderFitness

Sincerely, Brenda




The acclaimed indie film, Sincerely, Brenda, is screening in Cleveland, Ohio on Sunday February 17th. Doors open at 1:30PM / Film starts at 2PM



A week of talk that matters begins with the viewing of a locally made movie covering addiction and the impact on a family. Movie will be followed by a panel discussion on addiction and the impact on those around the person with the addiction. Event is $10 or purchase an event Passport for $40 for all 6 events

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This movie penetrates your heart

"The artistry in this movie from the writing to the score, tell a redemption story that slowly and with perfect intent, penetrate the heart, mind, and soul."

Chanelle McCloud

Sincerely, Brenda


After a sudden tragedy, a recovering alcoholic, attempts to reconcile with his two estranged sons over a weekend, but the encounter reveals skeletons from the family’s past that he must accept, or risk losing his sons forever.